A London Escorts Personal Eperience In A Pub

It was one of the nights which started out pretty badly. I just finished dealing with one of my customers which turned out to be a complete waste of my time. The only thing he cared about was getting off himself. He failed to even make nice or at least bother to shower. Disgusting! Everything is usually fine when working with London escorts. Perhaps this is one of those occasions whereby you’ll just have to suck it up.

I went to the pub after him, just to have that bad taste off my mouth; and sat in the corner. My favourite drink is scotch and the particular scotch of 21 years of age was simply excellent. I had been sporting an attractive black outfit which exhibited my figure, but at that moment I couldn’t care less if somebody hits on me. I just needed a stiff one. (Not that stiff one, silly!)

So, this guy suddenly came and took a seat beside me. I was already ready with my sarcastic remarks if he tried making use of any poor pickup lines. To my unexpected shock, he said “I’ll have exactly what you’re having.” I just had to turn to him, with one eyebrow raised, “Excuse me?”

That’s when he gave me his spiel. He stated something like, if I knew how large his dick was and what he can do with it, I would be buying him a drink. He did all of that having a laid-back, yet non-cocky look. Actually, he was even a tad timid. He had cheerful eyes and he was grinning at me. After a short moment, he looked away from my stare and down at my tits.

Is this dude for real? That’s what was running through my head. But, at the same time, I have to acknowledge he’s cute. I’m a push over for cute guys with ill-timed bravado.

So I made a decision to challenge him. I informed him I’d have to check something out first. I told him everything about what I really do and how I’m working with London escorts. I was trying to get him to feel uneasy. Probably then he’ll realize how many cocks I would’ve witnessed by now. Would he still be so cocky about his, I wondered.

He continued to smile. I figured it was kind of dark at that place so I reached for his genitals. He had a partial hard on and I was already feeling wet within my underwear. I proceeded to unzip his trousers and pulled his cock out. Thinking back, it had been rather daring of me to do that. We were in a pub, after all. Oh well, the spot was dark enough anyhow. Why not, right? I will not be the one found with his trousers down lol!

I nabbed his dick and began moving my hands up-wards as well as downwards. I wish to get him fully erected. With his face all flushed from the pleasure and exhilaration. He was hung! You’ve got to give it to the guy, I have never had my hands on a cock as big as his!