In this column I’ll tell you about Tinder and the way this app changed my life. For those who don’t know what Tinder is, this is an app that first appeared in 2012, made for a specific purpose, the purpose of dating? Later, it lost its main objective and became a must for those looking for free sex.

Everything started when I got tired of my own life and the men surrounding me, and after finding about this app I decided to install it and fool around. After a first week when I was reserved about meeting the men that I liked and liked me back, I decided to eventually meet the hottest guy I could find on Tinder at his house and have a glass of wine with him. The day after the hot night with the first guy that managed to raise in me a desire I didn’t know I could have before, I decided I should do the same thing as soon as possible. So I continued to meet the sexiest men I could find on Tinder for sex, without any regrets about the fact that they become just beautiful sex toys for me.

This time of craziness lasted for a month, until I started to think about the fact that I had nothing to gain from these sexual experiences, except the sex itself. In that moment I realised that I could make some money out of this passion that Tinder brought into my life, so I gave up on my job as an assistant manager in a company and got hired as an escort. Why? It’s simple: if I do this so easily for free, why couldn’t I do it for money?
After a few months of working as an escort, my life became much more interesting, considering my great financial situation in the present moment. Still, from time to time, for the old times sake, I go to Tinder and enjoy a good free sex.