In this column I will tell you about the beginning of my life as an escort and how it became afterwards!

Most of the people think that becoming an escort it’s a simple process, beautiful women who desire to offer theirs sexual services for a fair price are recruited from different sites on the internet and hired to work immediately, but for those who don’t know, I’ll tell you how things really are.

First of all, the women who send their application for an escort job, not only do they have to look like they just fell out of the adult magazines, but they have to be smart too. Why smart? Because of the educated man of various ages who come at the agency or call the girls at their hotels, and want to look at them and have  interesting conversations on various matters with the woman they have requested for.

If you didn’t know that, before they appear on the site, the girls go to shooting sessions, and they wear nice clothes, and beautiful make-up, and have their hair done, to look their best. These sessions are quite an investment from the employer who pays pretty large fees for these services.

The escorts are like models, you have to invest time and money in them to expect something in return on every level.

After becoming an escort, it’s quite funny... the standards change...I was listening on a conversation between two rival escorts who were bragging about who had the better and longer holiday, and whose car is bigger... Working in the same field, I was surprised to see that designer clothes or begs are no longer of interest, and that the bigger car is the new reason to brag, cause it’s important that nobody has one bigger than yours (that sounds a bit manly, the difference being that you can always buy a bigger car… Haha)

The next piece will be about the things you have to give up on in order to pursue this job.