In this anonymous column I will share with you the reasons that make it hard for me to give up my full time escort job.

First of all, I must tell you it’s been 5 years since I decided to do that, “to sell myself” (as some of those who  find out what I do for living say, without knowing the sacrifices implied for me to look like a Vogue girl). I could say that the escort life helped me grow up, be more mature, but in the same time became a vice that I could hardly get rid of. So, I will tell you my reasons to keep doing just that.

One of the main reasons that you probably already assume, is the financial satisfaction that I get after satisfying my clients, as only I can and know how. I started with small prices, but satisfying enough for me to afford a luxury vacation after only one week of doing what I like.

Another reason as important for me as the money, is the networking, the people that I get to know in the hot nights that I’m offering. Like 2 weeks ago, when I was called for a steamy night at the client’s hotel and after getting there I had the pleasure to find out that my client who desired me so badly was a renowned doctor from the US, in a business trip to London. After a night that he will always remember, I got his business card and he offered to help if I ever needed a “quality service’’. The thing is that a satisfied client not only pays money for your services, but it’s willing to offer you back his own.